USB Tokens
USB Token + OTP

Full flexibility: Highly mobile - usable anywhere, anytime, whether unconnected or connected to the PC.
Convenient and Secure, Portable: For the consumer, it is a convenient tool that encapsulates secure strong storage for personal credentials, strong authentication and encryption tools, and privacy protections. It can be easily carried on a key ring. For the business operator, the solution provides the infrastructure to support strong authentication based on open standards that ensure interoperability.
Easy to deploy: The .NET Dual token is using .NET smart card already embedded in Microsoft environments, combined with CCID inferface operating with Microsoft class driver inbox Vista and Seven.
Easy to install and to use: The .NET Dual token is a plug & play device, requiring no additional cable or wiring. Convenient, user-replaceable battery to ease recyclability. This battery powers the device in unconnected mode.


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