USB Tokens
Shell token v3

Portable USB design: USB e-Seal token combines the simplicity of a USB device with the capabilities of a smart card and an integrated reader.

Robust: The Smart card si locked in a tamper resistant and waterproof case for maximum reliability and use in the harshest conditions.

Tamper-proof security: USB e-Seal token is a token with an embedded smart card for extra convenience especially in situations where smart card readers are not readily available.Furthermore, this avoids any potential tampering with the card. The result is that only authorised users will be allowed to access your network or other confidential information.It is designed for digital signature, storage of keys and certificates and encryption of e-mail and Internet connections, providing the highest possible level of security and non-repudiation, a crucial feature for proving financial transactions.

Double authentication: USB eSeal Token guarantees a two-part authentication; the token itself as well as the associated PIN, providing extra security for the most sensitive applications. It offers all the power of a multi-application dynamic smart card in a USB key form factor, an ideal option for those users that require a combination of security, portability, robustness and convenience.

Meeting security standards:Build upon request with any Gemalto certified smart card (FIPS 140-2 level 3, CC EAL4+ PPSSCD,...)


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